Zolva provides services within the entire invoice lifecycle. We are the pathfinders and forerunners of credit management industry. We challenge and modernize credit management with our modern technology and flexible solutions.



Zolva's management team has extensive experience in debt collection, portfolio investments, invoice distribition, sales ledgers and e-commerce payments.

Zolva's management team's aim is to change the collection industry in Finland to be more customer-centric, transparent and utilize modern technology and service design that help companies, credit institutions and their customers with challenges related to their debts.

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Liisa Posti

Head of Operations

Lauri Kosloff

Head of Finance

Mikko Eloranta

Head of Legal

Turo Rytsölä

Head of Sales

Olli Jumeneff

Head of Sales

Liisa PostiLauri KosloffMikko ElorantaTuro RytsöläOlli Jumeneff

"Things go smoothly when you anticipate what's coming and react flexibly."

Liisa Posti, Head of Operations

"Transparency and predictability are in high importance for success in my own work."

Lauri Kosloff, Head of Finance

"A company does not become responsible by saying it loud, rather by its actions."

Mikko Eloranta, Head of Legal

"Transparently towards common goals. It creates well functioning partnership."

Turo Rytsölä, Head of Sales

“You will fare better in today’s world by utilising available technologies.”

Olli Jumeneff, Head of Sales

Colleagues say

"Liisa has a really long and comprehensive experience in different roles from debt collection industry, even if you couldn't tell it based on her age.

Liisa has led many kinds of change and outsourcing processes in her career, and with the experience she brings to Zolva, she is fabolous help to our partners when they implement their own processes.

Liisa's enthusiastic, joyful and encouraging attitude is contagious for her colleagues as well as to our partners' employees. You can always count on Liisa's help."

– Turo Rytsölä, Head of Sales, Zolva Finland


  • Attendo, Quality Director
  • Ropo Capital, COO
  • Intrum, Department Manager
  • Intrum, Project Manager
  • Intrum, Output Designer
  • Intrum, Collector

Colleagues say

"Lauri is a business-oriented CFO with extensive experience from debt collection industry. Lauri's strong expertise from various industries, both B2C and B2B businesses, brings a lot of added value to us and our partners.

Lauri understands the details of the business, but still knows how to focus on the big picture and forecasting.

As a colleague, Lauri is reliable and demanding. Lauri's cheerful and captivating personality ensures that the office always has a great feeling!"

- Liisa Posti, Head of Operations, Zolva Finland


  • Intrum, Director of Finance
  • Intrum, Director VAT-Services
  • Intrum, Head of Business Control
  • Finavia, Business Controller
  • Nestle, Nordic Franchise Controller

Colleagues say

"Mikko is a reliable and solution-oriented lawyer with a business-oriented way of thinking and approach to things. Mikko's expertise and uncompromisingness help Zolva, our partners and our partners' customers, for example, in matters related to personal data processing, administration, special cases in debt collection and contract law.

In a commercial role, I appreciate especially Miko's responsiveness, understanding business, and extensive knowledge of law, which helps me as well as our partners to find the best possible solutions."

- Olli Jumeneff, Head of Sales, Zolva Finland


  • Finance Link, General Counsel
  • Jurentia, Lawyer
  • Administr. Court, Trainee Judge
  • District Court, Trainee Judge
  • Finnish Real Estate Federation, Lawyer

Colleagues say

"Turo's more than 20 years of experience in debt collection industry and his special expertise in outsourcing invoice lifecycle processes for large companies brings excellent expertise and significant long-term added value to business customers who have partnered with Zolva's.

As a colleague, Turo is fair and humble, and it is important to him that things are done the right way. Turo's positive and encouraging attitude has also made a great impression to me."

- Mikko Eloranta, Head of Legal, Zolva Finland


  • CreditVisor, Sales Director
  • Sergel, Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Intrum, Head of Major Accounts

Colleagues say

"Olli is a very solution-oriented guy, who has a wonderful ability to understand a partner's business in a comprehensive way and produce solutions specifically for their needs. Olli also challenges his colleagues to develop and create new service models and solutions across team boundaries.

Reliable, considerate and nice colleague!”

– Lauri Kosloff, Head of Finance, Zolva Finland


  • Avarda, Country Manager
  • Intrum, Head of New Sales
  • Intrum, Key Account Manager
  • Intrum, Credit Management Consultant



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