At Zolva we believe effective corporate governance is an essential part of a well-run business. Corporate governance defines the guiding principles for Zolva’s management.



Clear guiding principles enable us to build an environment of





Good governance is fundamental to fostering financial stability, business integrity and long-term success to operate efficiently in a competitive market.

Corporate Governance

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Zolva’s corporate governance structure ensures a clear distribution of roles between our owners, Board of Directors and executive management team. We aim to reduce risk and guarantee a sustainable value creation through good governance. Our structure supports how we work transparently and with accountability and ensures our ability to always act according to our principles regarding security.

Our guiding principles are defined by the Board of Directors. The members of the Board are responsible for ensuring Zolva practices in line with our guidelines for corporate governance. Our guiding principles are evaluated and discussed by the Board on a yearly basis to ensure they maintain their desired relevance and impact. Regular reviews give us the necessary oversight and control at the executive and board level.

Our corporate governance complies with formal regulations.

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Executive Management

Executive Management

Zolva’s corporate governance structure ensures a clear distribution of roles between our owners, Board of Directors and executive management team.

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Executive Management

Jon Harald Nordbrekken

Executive Chairman

Endre Rangnes


Oddgeir Hansen


Scott Danielsen


Alexander Latenko


Jon Harald NordbrekkenEndre RangnesOddgeir HansenScott DanielsenAlexander Latenko

Jon Harald Nordbrekken has extensive experience in the credit management industry and has been working in the industry since the 1980s. He started his career in Intrum Justitia and has founded Aktiv Kapital and Gothia Financial Group. Together with Øystein Stray Spetalen, Nordbrekken also founded Bank2 and the former holding company B2Holding in 2005. Today he is the Chairman of the Board at Zolva.

Endre Rangnes has extensive experience in the credit management industry. He was one of the founders of Axactor, where he also was Group CEO. Before joining Axactor, he held the position as CEO at Lindorff for 10 years. Earlier in his career he was an entrepreneur and executive in the computer industry where he developed a deep appreciation for good financial support and management.

Prior to becoming COO at Zolva, Oddgeir Hansen was COO at Axactor and the Lindorff Group. Hansen has also held various positions within IBM Norway, including being Departmental Director with responsibility for monitoring and coordinating overall activities.

Scott Danielsen has extensive experience as a financial executive at performance driven publicly listed and private equity owned companies. He has more than ten years’ experience as CFO at both Lindorff and Aktiv Kapital.

Alexander Latenko is Group CIO at Zolva. Before joining the Zolva team he worked at Miratech Itd. Alexander holds a degree in Engineering from the National Technical University of Ukraine.


• Founder, Vice President & Chairman of the Board of Bank2
• Deputy of Bank2
• Founder, Board Chairman of B2Holding AS
• Chairman Gothia Financial group ASA
• Chairman Aktiv Kapital ASA
• Founder/CEO Aktiv Kapital ASA
• CEO, Intrum Justitia AS


  • Foundation program in Marketing Management and economy


• CEO & Founder of Axactor SE
• CEO of Lindorff Group AB
• CEO of EDB Business Partner ASA (Now: TietoEvry)
• Prior work experience includes various positions within IBM Europe (incl. serving as member of IBM Nordic’s executive & top management teams)
• Other current assignments/positions: Boardmember of Tieto Ojy, Axcel PE Advisory Board, Board member SuperOffice


  • IBM Management & Executive Education, Brussels, Milan and USA
  • Oslo Business School, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management


•Axactor, COO
• Lindorff Group, COO
• EBD Business Partner, COO
• Prior 33 years’ work experience includes various positions within IBM Norway, including being Departmental Director with responsibility for monitoring and coordinating IBM Norway overall activities


  • Business school
  • Internal Auditor course, IBM
  • International courses, IBM


• CFO Solon Eiendom ASA
• CFO Lindorff Group
• CFO Aktiv Kapital
• Partner in PWC
• Senior Manager EY
• Certified Public Accountant


  • University of Washington, Bachelor`s degree in Business and Accounting


• CIO for hire in Axactor/Director PMO Office in Miratech
• IT Director Miratech
• IT Director/CIO Ukraine/Boston Animation
• Been part of/managing the build up/transformation of Axactor SE since inception


  • National Technical University of Ukraine, Engineering
  • National Aviation University, Master of Philosophy

of Conduct

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Our code of conduct is our key governing document. It describes Zolva`s commitments and requirements concerning personal conduct and ethical business practice. The code of conduct also outlines Zolva`s guiding principles and policies in relation to how we conduct our business.

The code of conduct summarizes how we behave internally at Zolva, and externally in contact with customers and debtors, as well as ensuring legal compliance. This includes dealing with conflicts of interest and fulfilling our commitment to equal opportunities for all employees.

The Board of Directors has approved the present code of conduct. The guidelines apply to all our employees and board members, regardless of position and location. All Zolva employees are responsible for reading the guidelines and abiding by its standards.